Go Red for Women
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Mr James Miller is raising money for 2022-2023 Capital Region Go Red

Fundraising Amount=$8,250.00 ; Goal=$5,000.00
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Go Red for Women is crucial in driving local support to fund life-saving research and to educate women. Though we have made great strides in the advancement of women's cardiovascular health, we still have far to go.  We need your help now so that our mothers, sisters and daughters have a chance to fight this silent killer. By sharing a commitment to speak up, spread the word and support the research, you can help save lives.

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I chose to participate in this great cause because both my parents have had heart related issues.  Unfortunately, my father passed away in 2010, from what we believe was a heart attack.  My mother, who is healthy and 79 years old, has had a heart related illness for more than a decade now that is treated by prescription drugs and annual check-ups with the cardiologist. 

It was easy to accept the offer to fundraise for "Go Red for Women" because the funds raised by the participants will go towards raising awareness of cardiovascular disease and reducing the number of women affected by it.   Thank you for donating to this great cause.  



Donors and Comments

Anonymous  gave $450.00 3/18/2022
Anonymous  gave $250.00 3/16/2022
Anonymous  gave $250.00 3/15/2022
Carmine DeCrescente  gave $100.00 3/15/2022
Anthony Ryan  gave $100.00 3/15/2022
Russ Teplitzky  gave $100.00 3/15/2022
Anonymous  gave $1,000.00 3/15/2022
"Your Friends @ DDC!"
Anonymous  gave $250.00 3/15/2022
Anonymous  gave $550.00 3/8/2022
Anonymous  gave $50.00 2/25/2022
Anonymous Anonymous  gave $50.00 2/15/2022
"Love you Milla"
Rick Ostroff  gave $250.00 2/15/2022
Kaleigh Borden  gave $50.00 2/15/2022
Anonymous  gave $500.00 2/14/2022
Anonymous  gave $250.00 2/14/2022
Bob Blackman  gave $100.00 2/14/2022
"Good work Jim!!!! "
Anonymous  gave $100.00 2/14/2022
Anonymous  gave $50.00 2/14/2022
Daniel Dagostino  gave $500.00 2/14/2022
Troy Lacy  gave $50.00 2/14/2022
Anonymous  gave $50.00 2/14/2022
Anonymous  gave $50.00 2/14/2022
Michael Quaranta  gave $35.00 2/14/2022
Anonymous  gave $50.00 2/14/2022
Anonymous  gave $50.00 2/14/2022
Dave Meszler  gave $150.00 2/14/2022
Jackson Haggerty  gave $50.00 2/11/2022
"Hi to Ryder"
Anonymous  gave $100.00 2/10/2022
Anonymous  gave $250.00 2/10/2022
Anonymous  gave $100.00 2/8/2022
Dave Hostig  gave $250.00 2/7/2022
Anonymous  gave $250.00 2/7/2022
Anonymous  gave $100.00 2/7/2022
Samantha Stuewer  gave  2/7/2022
"Good cause☺️"
M C  gave  2/6/2022
"Good up the good work young man!"
Anonymous  gave $600.00 2/5/2022